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a 3D generative art collection staged and stored on the blockchain as 3D models itself rather than images or videos.

"Even profound wordsmiths embark on their literary odyssey with a solitary stroke of a word through ink from the enchanted object"

Digital wonders take the shape of basic elements that, when artfully combined, form a rare and captivating generative art collection.

1.618, golden ratio, parameterised models generated using custom python scripts and staged on highly detailed, unique HDRi environments.

To be tokenised with 1 or more models per token 👀.

​Custom model viewer created (above) and to be embedded as nfts for owners.

Owners have the ability to download the models for utilization in immersive VR/AR environments, as well as for 3D printing purposes. Moreover, these models can be employed seamlessly within gaming environments, offering enhanced interactive experiences.

A single "nft" token can hold ∞ number of models 🔜

auth0rs - blockchain's first ever 3D generative collection/

glitched, tokenised, stored and viewed in 3D/

[generative collection mint]

supply - 999
price - 0.0049eth
royalty - 2.5%
4 per wallet
reveal in 24-48hrs


auth0r v1

first 1 of 1 from the studio/

it's "generative" art after all/


and we have been limiting it to/


"1 art per token and x tokens per collection"/


it's "generative" art after all?/


Author v1 is the first one of one from the studio collection and also. the genesis of the generative collection dropping later.

this "token", consists of 1000 unique 3D generative, animated models, formed through around 230,000 shapes and 20,000 lights.

the environment for the v1 is the default, 101010.

this would be the only token to consist of 1000 unique 3d models, with the model files available to the owner.

[auction settled]

owned by @ElRitzo

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