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The first ever generative 1 of 1 OpenEdition from 1.618/


de Iconic version of pepes in “glitched” mythological settings/


open Edition/

the reveal/

Each day, one or more new de-Icon will be up for reveal.

you can reveal your de-Icons by:

1. burning and claiming the revealed tokens instantly [limited supply, limited pet wallet per Icon, FCFS, claimed tokens minted under same collection]. 

2. Opting in [will be revealed in 24 hours. saves gas as compared to burn and claim]

3. do nothing until the reveal period ends after which all tokens will auto reveal itself.


- a single token can be burnt/opted in only once/


- holders can burn multiple tokens, over multiple times per de Icon/


- holders can opt in multiple tokens at a single go, but only ONLY one time per de Icon/

day 1: de Neptune/

animation_1 copy 4.gif

day 2: de Talinn/


day 3: ser/


day 4: ?/


day 5/6/7/? : ?/


note : the contract is flexible to accommodate more than a single set reval at the same time too/

burnAndClaim for day 1 : de Neptune/


require approving all de icons tokens to the new contract to enable it to burn/
one time process for all the other days too/

Supply for burn and claim [for de Neptune/] [not including optIn] : 100

optIn for day 1 : de Neptune/


one time only possible per set/

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